Sodus Sam Stories

This site contains a series of articles, mostly short stories, written by a fictional person by the name of Sodus Sam.

He is not a professional writer and has no illusions about becoming “Grandma Moses” of literature although he meets the age criteria.

He considers himself a story teller rather than a writer and describes the creation and telling of his stories as a “late in life new found hobby”.

A professional writer and friend provided him with a defense for his violation of rules of writing, grammar and sentence structure by reassuring him that he “writes in a vernacular that is “appropriate for this personality”. He was not sure how to interpret what she said but she concluded her note with, “have no worries.” It will be obvious to most reader that he took her advice and does not worry too much about the rules.

His stories are often about his observations of people and their encounters with nature. He does not feel honor bound to be totally truthful and almost always adds humor to his stories. The humor is usually at the expense of others and liberally applied in a subtle manner. It is never intentionally malicious and often self inflicted.

In his fish stories, which tend to predominate his stories, he feels an obligation to carry on the tradition of using hyperbole.

Most of Sam’s stories are based on true occurrences although heavily embellished.
You can read more about Sam in the Introduction to Sodus Sam article on this website. You will discover why fishing articles monopolize his stories.



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